Getting some crunch into your life couldn’t be easier. Try these quick ideas and inspirational snacks to make the most of the crunch bunch…

Spring onion tart

Top tarts

Forget chopping spring onions, top tarts with them whole for a real fresh flavour.

Spring onion and chinese leaf colcannon


Try using Chinese leaf lettuce instead of cabbage for a fresh take on a creamy colcannon.

Pam Lloyd PR Love The Crunch (15th April 2015)

Deeply dippy

Not sure about spring onions? This trio of tasty spring onion dips will change your mind!

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Kids only

Grate radish into butter to spread onto toast soldiers for a zingy breakfast or zappy lunch.

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With popular juices now including a whole range of fruit and veg, our crunchy lot fit in perfectly.

Pam Lloyd PR Radish Recipes (7th December 2010)

Simple pleasures

Take note from the French and enjoy radish rubbed in butter and dipped then salt – it really brings out the flavour.