Polish farmer’s radish and soft cheese canapés

Makes 16Preparation: 5 minsCook: none

This recipe is a twist on Twarozek, a typical Polish dish made of curd cheese mixed with chives, radish, cream and spices. As well as being a traditional springtime treat, Twarozek is also a popular breakfast dish in Poland. However, in this recipe – a simple combination of ricotta, sour cream, chives and radish spread on rye bread – it’s transformed into a tasty canapé, perfect for dinner parties or drinks with friends.

radish and soft cheese canapés recipePolish-farmers-radish-cheese-canapesGroup-1@2x1-300x300.fw


4 tbsp Ricotta
4 tbsp Ricotta
4 tbsp Sour cream
Bunch chives finely chopped
20 radish, chopped small or coarsely grated
Pepper and sea salt
to serve
Toasted rye bread

Step by step

  1. Set aside four radishes and 10 chive stalks. Put the remaining ingredients in a bowl and stir well to combine. Season with black pepper and sea salt, taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary.
  2. Toast the rye bread then cut into small triangles. Pile a couple of teaspoons full of the radish mixture on each triangle. Chop the remaining radishes and chives and add a little to the top of each canapé then sprinkle with a little paprika and serve.

Note – Serve on whole slices of rye for a great brunch.